Robot & Logistics Solutions - BHS Robotics featuring Chicago Electric Technology

Robot & Logistics Solutions

Robot and Logistics solutions from Chicago Electric include standard products and custom systems for a broad range of applications. We specialize in vision enhanced robotics; combining the latest in vision technology with robots such as our innovative PickBot for 3D Bin Pick. Our Logistic solutions feature autonomous AGVs and Forklifts from BHS Intralogistics.


PalletBot – Collaborative Palletizing Robot

iLifter 2.0

iShuttle 1.0


ServoLinear Pick & Place Large Gantry

Robot Pick & Place Injection Molded Fan Assembly

Machine Vision Robotic Inspection


Robot Sheet Pick & Place With Vision Correction

BurgerBot – Captured by Chicago Electric at ATX West 2014

3D Bin Pick Machine Tending