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PlaceBot - Sheet Feed Robot Solution

PlaceBot is a robot solution for precision placement of sheet material using vision guidance

Pick / Present / Place
PlaceBot is a robotic automation solution designed to pick sheets of material from a pallet or conveyor; present them to a vision system: and place them with high accuracy and consistency.

Plastic / Metal / Wood
PlaceBot manipulates sheets of material including: plastic, metal, wood, composites and paperboard. With a broad range of payload and reach capacity, PlaceBot has been applied on sheets up to 90″ in length with a weight up to 100 lbs.

Molding / Lamination / Stamping / Stacking
Many applications can benefit from PlaceBot technology including: metal stamping, plastic molding, sheet laminating, and precision stacking.

Accurate / Fast / Smart
Improve your productivity with the speed, precision and duty cycle of robotic automation. Utilize PlaceBot to add smart features such as quality measurement and secondary processing to your existing manufacturing.

PlaceBot is Available for Leading Robot Brands
The power of PlaceBot is available for ABB; Motoman/Yaskawa; Fanuc and Universal robots; providing a broad range of payload and reach capabilities.


Building Materials, Converting, Metals, Plastics

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