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PackBot – Pick & Pack Robot Solution

PackBot is a robot solution for precision placement of products using vision guidance

Pick & Pack
PackBot is a robotic automation solution designed to pick items randomly presented on a conveyor and pack them into a stack or container with high accuracy and consistency using advanced vision technology.

Flexible Design
PackBot capability can be provided over a wide range of payload and reach requirements; utilizing Six Axis, Delta, and SCARA styles of robot.

Candy / Lumber / Forks
PackBot robot solutions from Chicago Electric have been applied for candy bar carton packing; 2×4 lumber stacking; and plastic fork packaging at 150 per minute.

Comprehensive Solution
PackBot is supplied as a comprehensive solution including: robot, vision system, conveyor tracking capability, supervisory PLC; HMI and safety guarding.

PackBot is Available for Leading Robot Brands
The power of PackBot is available for ABB; Motoman/Yaskawa; and Fanuc; providing a broad range of payload and reach capabilities.


Building Materials, Consumer Products, Converting, Plastics

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