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iShuttle 5.0

iShuttle 5.0 – Autonomous Robot Shuttle

The iShuttle is an autonomous robot shuttle for transport tasks requiring heavy payloads up to 4400 kg / 9700 lbs. The iShuttle 5.0 is a low profile design intended for roll handling of paper or plastic. It is also available in the GoBot configuration as a mobile robot platform with full pallet storage.

— Large Payload: 4400 kg / 9700 lbs
— Low Profile: L 1883 mm/74 in; W 1470 mm/58 in; H 281 mm/11 in
— Configurable for: Rolls; Pallet; Robot
— Scalable ICMS fleet management software for multiple iShuttles
— Compatible with iLifter autonomous forklift
— Status and position data continuously monitored via WLAN
— Contactless inductive charger, floor mounted

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