Factory Floor Display Solution - Chicago Electric



Measure machine production
Visualize key performance metrics
Data log 24/7 operation
Communicate plant floor, plant wide, worldwide!

The key to improved productivity is visibility of performance and ProDisplay is a tool for the factory floor displaying key metrics of speed, quantity and downtime. Actual-vs-target performance is continuously displayed in real-time to operators and management.

A unique bundled-technology solution, ProDisplay is guaranteed to improve the productivity of your manufacturing process. It uses the latest in video and web-server technology to communicate information via multi-mode video including large screen display; desktop PC and smart phone. Production data is logged 24/7 for analysis.

Customized to your specific information needs, the system is offered as a stand-alone solution with machine sensor; or connected to your existing PLC or manufacturing software. A true ‘plug and play’ product, there is no software to install, no configuration programming and no dip-switch settings.

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