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ServoLinear Pick & Place Large Gantry

Large gantry improves productivity and safety

— Fully automated ‘Pick & Place’ solution for unstacking 200 lbs. screens
— Horizontal travel of 12 ft.; vertical travel of 4 ft.
— Magnetic end-of-arm tooling
— Replaces manual operation requiring (2) people; improves safety and reduces cycle time from 30 to 15 seconds


Building Materials




• ServoLinear RS-160 Series Belt Drive Actuator–12’ stroke
• ServoLinear R0-130 Series Belt Drive Actuator–4’ stroke
• Emerson HD-115C & HD-89C Servo Motors
• Emerson Unidrive Digital Positioning Controllers
• Industrial Magnetics Air Actuated Magnetic Tooling
• Red Lion Graphite Series Color Touchscreen HMI
• Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
• Keyence Laser Position Sensor

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