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ProSet Plus—Langston Saturn III FFG—21 Axis

Automatic Set-up & Machine Control Upgrade

Automatic Setup
• Upgraded from obsolete LMC Controller to an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
• Upgraded 21 Axes from incremental Encoders to Absolute Position Encoders with 12 bit resolution (4096 ppr)
• Upgraded from 21 individual cables to a ‘Single Cable’ Network Topology Machine Control
• Single processor solution combining Auto Setup with machine control
• Upgraded from an obsolete PLC 5 to a CompactLogix PLC with Remote I/O
• 640 available I/O points with 4+ analog I/O

Operator Interface
• Eliminated obsolete ‘Dual Screen’ Console
• New Single 15″ Touchscreen Console for Auto Setup and Machine Control in one
• Standard Industrial HMI– Not a PC

Machine Control PLC
Obsolete PLC 5 racks for machine control replaced with CompactLogix Remote I/O Modules.

Auto Setup Controls Upgrade
Removed the obsolete Langston LMC and replaced it with CompactLogix PLC and High-Density relay outputs.

New Absolute Position Encoders
All position encoders are connected via a ‘Single Cable’ network topology.


Fort Worth, TX

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