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Injection Molding Vision Protection System—Cognex

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Machine Vision Protection System used to protect Injection Molding machine from crashing by verifying seating of mold inserts before molding process begins, as well as part clearance after molding process is complete.


Plastics, Injection Molding


Munster, IN


• Cognex In-Sight 7000 Series camera – Qty (2)
• Smart Vision LED Line Light – Qty (2)
• Cognex Vision View HMI


• Custom user interface with 3-step teaching process
• Easy set-up for up to eight(8) cavity molds
• Utilizes Cognex Machine Vision technology to ensure parts are properly ejected from the mold at the completion of each cycle.
• Is also capable of inspecting over-molded parts to verify proper seating and alignment before the molding process begins.
• Easily integrates into injection molding machine control systems to eliminate crashes and reduce downtime.
• A comprehensive technology package including camera; controller; lens; lights; mounting brackets; cabling; operator touch screen; and machine control interface.

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